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Christian Education Hour

Reformed and Reforming:


“The Life and Times of John Knox: Scots Firebrand in the Cause of the Reformation”

By: Sharon Boersma

 When: January 28, 2018    10:10 am

Where: Parish Hall

Many of us know that somehow at some time the Scot, John Knox, had something to do with the founding of the Presbyterian church. He certainly did! Yet the Scots reformation was well underway before his contributions, and he did not live to see the founding of the Presbyterian Kirk of Scotland.

His life has echoes of the lives of Martin Luther and John Calvin. He was alive during their lifetimes and knew Calvin personally and well. Yet he was a product of the rough and wild Scots terrain, historically and sociologically. He was a swashbuckling rebel, a captured galley slave, helped stabilize England’s Anglican Church, learned theology as well as social theory in Calvin’s Geneva, married twice, the second time to a 17-year-old!

Come on January 28 to learn more about the fascinating life and times of John Knox.